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Master English grammar pro hack 1

I'm sure you've heard that English grammar can be highly complex and one of the most confused elements is the PAST TENSES.

Well, let me Maria, a native level professional teacher) help you understand them better.

If you feel like you want to explore them even more in depth AND learn about PRESENT, FUTURE, using passive forms of these tenses and much much more, do SCROLL DOWN   to learn more about the course and me, the instructor.


NATA, Russia, Moscow

....she gives usage examples, tips, and talks about how a native speaker would say in a particular case.It's also cool that each video lasts no more than 15 minutes, which allows you don't get tired of a lot of information.I especially like the fact that you can return to the topic at any time.....


Bisnu Chetry , India

I'm really enjoying learning English with you.Your videos are simple and fun to watch and I can already see some difference now


Liza, Russia, Vladivostok

...Now I can speak English fluently and use my grammar skills in real life..........I highly recommend this course for those people, who want to advance their level of English, you will not regret if you start learning it.

Just some of my students who loved and benefited from this course


Study in the format of a private lesson given by a professional English teacher . Try out one lesson for FREE!

  • Build proper clear sentences

  • Gain solid understanding for improved communication

  • Common mistakes are highlighted

  • I will personally guide you through the difficult parts of the English language structure

Whoever said that grammar isn't important was lying to you and I won't apologise for this bitter truth. It can keep you out of trouble with your boss, the police and finally help you make friends with other speakers, both native and non-native

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WEBINAR - TOP 3 MISTAKES with grammar learning

   Maria Zen

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Maria, the creator of the course, is professional TESOL certified English as a foreign language teacher, with over 6 years of teaching experience who helped hundreds of students individually gain confidence in English.

She's a native level bilingual - born in Siberia, Russia, but raised in the UK, London. She's a passionate linguist, speaking and always improving her Spanish and French languages so she knows the struggles of learning a language as well as the hacks to do it well.

The decision to create course format content came in order to to give both her students and external learners a chance to go back to any explanations again and again and to have an opportunity to learn the content at their own pace in order to facilitate the learning process  to speak English with confidence.

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